Mirrors and Mysteries and Secrets Don’t Keep: Discounted Young Adult eBooks

Mirrors and Mysteries on Kindle

Mirrors and Mysteries ($0.99) by Christina Bauer: Rapunzel meets Jane Eyre in this modern fairy tale romance! When tower tithe Grayson Eyre escapes the evil Rapunzel, our heroine finds refuge in a shifter orphanage called Thornfield. Trouble is, Thornfield is home to none other than Dex, the prince Rapunzel has claimed as her own. When Grayson falls for Dex, things get really complicated…

This deal is good on February 20, 2024

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Secrets Don't Keep on Kindle

Secrets Don’t Keep ($2.99) by Elora Ramirez: At first glance, Kera Collins’ life appears perfect. But she has only ever wanted one thing – a golden envelope inviting her to the secret society formed within the walls of her boarding school. But when the secrets turn deadly, Kera has a choice: does she trust her friends or rely on the prestige and connections only available to her through the elite?

This deal is good on February 20, 2024


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