Greedy Heart, Sawtelle Gemini, and #GIRLFIGHT: Discounted Literary Fiction eBooks

Greedy Heart

Greedy Heart ($1.99) by A.P. Murray: Captivating and compassionate—Delia will steal your heart… and more. It’s 2006 in NYC and even Wall Street doesn’t realize a financial crisis of epic proportions is looming. But Delia knows. Ruthlessly brilliant, relentlessly greedy, tough-as-nails Delia is setting up the grift of a lifetime, and she’s perfectly positioned to make billions.

This deal is good on June 3, 2024

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Sawtelle Gemini

Sawtelle Gemini ($0.99) by Tom Flynn: When Chris sees Gwen at a bar in Los Angeles, the emotions come rushing back. Four years prior he’d fallen in love, but their relationship ended without an explanation. Chris is now determined to learn why things fell apart, but in trying to do so he opens a door to his past and must confront horrifying events he’d been trying to outrun for years.

This deal is good on June 3, 2024



#GIRLFIGHT ($2.99) by Suzanne McKenna Link: A small town female wrestler is pressured to take an MMA fight against her ex’s new girlfriend to save her family’s home. She trains with her former high school coach’s son—a guy she has unfinished business with. He’ll hold her feet to the fire, push her past what she believes she’s capable of, and reawaken the attraction she once felt for him.

This deal is good on June 3, 2024

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