The Soldier’s Promise and The Way Home: Discounted Historical Fiction eBooks

The Soldier's Promise (American Post-Civil War Westerns)

The Soldier’s Promise (American Post-Civil War Westerns) ($0.99) by William Black: After his service in the Union Army, Damon goes about to fulfill a promise to his dead brother-in-arms and return an heirloom to his lost kin. As he traverses the Oregon Trail, Damon meets Johanna, a widow whose life has been upended by desperadoes and Indians that Damon has become ensnared within. Despite the odds, Damon vows to fulfill his quest.

This deal is good on June 5, 2024


The Way Home (Galloway Book 2)

The Way Home (Galloway Book 2) ($1.99) by Tom E. Hicklin: In this exciting sequel to Road to Antietam, the idealistic men and boys who joined up in 1861 are now hardened veterans, facing an increasingly desperate enemy. And even those who stayed behind could not escape the horrors of an increasingly deadly and destructive war that no one thought would last more than a few months.

This deal is good on June 5, 2024

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