Tiny Towns, Young Witches, and Hidden Pasts: Discounted Literary Fiction eBooks

Silent Hearts

Silent Hearts ($2.99) by Anita Renaghan: Unable to find closure following the death of her son, Liz runs out of gas while penniless in a tiny town. Her only choice is to accept the kindness of two strangers. A tender story of three people climbing back to the light together, this book reminds us all of the need for true sympathy and the power of the human will.

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Goody Celeste

Goody Celeste ($1.99) by Chris Riker: Goody Celeste takes you back to that summer when life got real. In 1969, Paul meets a young witch named Cece. Cece uses her “human magic” to help Paul and his friends face a seductive stranger. Goody Celeste is a coming-of-age tale with groovy music, beaches, love, betrayal, women’s rights issues, and making choices that shape the future.

This deal is good on June 6, 2024

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All That Is Hidden

All That Is Hidden ($0.99) by Laura DeNooyer-Moore: Are secrets worth the price they cost to keep? Ten-year-old Tina Hamilton finds out the hard way. In 1968, trouble erupts when northern exploitation threatens her southern Appalachian town. Her father’s hidden past collides with the present, mirroring the clash of progressive ideas and small town values.

This deal is good on June 6, 2024

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Soldier Boys: Tales of the Civil War

Soldier Boys: Tales of the Civil War ($1.25) by Jack Matthews: Teenagers cheat death and mess around between Civil War battles. “Jack Matthews proves once again that he is in the top one percent of American fiction writers. Witty, polished, wise, ironic, with deep insight into the dark recesses of the human heart, Matthews’ stories are often intense and humorous at the same time.” – W.P. Kinsella

This deal is good on June 6, 2024

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