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Looking for eBooks to add to your fall reading list? We’re here to help! This month’s eBook picks include a deadly sweet Cozy Mystery, a tale of wicked Romance, and Sci-Fi adventures that are out of this world. Happy reading!
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Cozy Mystery

The Secret of Seaside (Paige Comber Mystery Book 1) on Kindle

The Secret of Seaside (Paige Comber Mystery Book 1) (FREE) by Agatha Ball: Paige Comber dreams of running off to Paris to train at the Cordon Bleu, but fresh out of college, she is stuck running her granny’s coffee shop in the small town of Seaside. It looks like a lousy summer until a handsome stranger named Nate arrives. He’s here to help his Uncle Byron with his affairs, but when his uncle’s body washes up on the beach and Nate is thrown into prison, it is up to Paige to find out who might have been crazy enough to do it.

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Triple Chocolate Cheesecake Murder (A Hannah Swensen Mystery Book) on Kindle

Triple Chocolate Cheesecake Murder (A Hannah Swensen Mystery Book) ($1.99) by Joanne Fluke: This fun new story from the Queen of Culinary Cozies is just the indulgence you need this winter! Cozy mystery fans know that a trip to The Cookie Jar—Hannah Swensen’s famous bakery—will always result in a delightfully page-turning whodunit…

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The Fulcrum (A Rex Dalton Thriller) on Kindle

The Fulcrum (A Rex Dalton Thriller) ($0.99) by JC Ryan: March 11, 2004. The Madrid train bombings kill 193 innocent civilians. What the terrorists didn’t know was on that fateful day they also succeeded in creating their worst nightmare. No one knew who he was, what he looked like, where he came from, nor who he worked for. He was a sniper who could take a target out from eight-hundred yards to a mile. He could kill with a long gun, short gun, or no gun.




The Twelve Thieves of Christmas (A Lady Detective for Hire Historical Mystery) on Kindle

The Twelve Thieves of Christmas (A Lady Detective for Hire Historical Mystery) ($0.99) by K.B. Owen: Pinkerton detective Penelope Hamilton is happiest when she’s working on a case. This Christmas season of 1887 should be very merry indeed, as she has two. One seems simple—a surveillance job for her estranged husband, Frank. The other promises to be much more interesting. How did a society matron’s valuable necklace, lent a year before to a friend who was then murdered by a thief, turn up around the neck of a young debutante from Chicago’s high society?

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Steamy Contemporary Romance

Hot For His Girl on Kindle

Hot For His Girl ($0.99) by Rachel Blaufeld: Andonia “Andi” Schwartz is the kind of gal you love to hate. Snarky, skinny, and jaded, Andi’s goodness lies hidden beneath her sharp edges. But it’s there . . . this independent single mom has it going on.Reid Fellows is a lovable dude. Bespectacled tenure-track statistics professor by day, shirtless blogger by night, he’s a catch on paper and easy on the eyes.

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Breakaway (Heller Brothers Hockey Book 1) on Kindle

Breakaway (Heller Brothers Hockey Book 1) (FREE) by Kelly Jamieson: Pro hockey player Jase Heller isn’t ready for serious. After getting out of a relationship, jumping into a new one is the last thing on his mind. But one night? Yeah. He’s more than ready to raise his stick for that… Remi Buchanan is free of all her responsibilities for the first time in her life. She’s ready to blow off some steam and live a little…even if only this once.

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Sweet Contemporary Romance

Weston (Kentucky Green Book 4) on Kindle

Weston (Kentucky Green Book 4) (FREE) by Olivia Sands: Weston Green decided he was going to marry Veronica Farmer when they were in first grade. Unfortunately, Veronica has a weakness for bad boys. A nice guy like Weston isn’t even on her radar. Back home after four years in the military, Weston learns Veronica has just come home too, fresh from her latest relationship disaster. But this time, he’s not willing to stand by while another no-good man breaks her heart.

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Romantic Suspense

Beautiful Risk (R.I.S.C. Book 3) on Kindle

Beautiful Risk (R.I.S.C. Book 3) (FREE) by Anna Blakely: Former Delta Force operator Trevor Matthews has spent a decade haunted by the sins of his past. Believing himself unworthy of love, he keeps his mind on his job and his heart close to the vest. Then he meets Lexi. The beautiful waitress with an angelic smile ignites a spark deep inside, making him crave a life he never thought possible.

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Historical Romance

The Highlander Who Loved Me (Highland Heart Series Book 1) on Kindle

The Highlander Who Loved Me (Highland Heart Series Book 1) ($0.99) by Tara Kingston: Johanna Templeton is on a life-and-death quest. Swept into an intrigue that rivals the tales she pens, she joins forces with a Highland rogue to find the treasure that will save her kidnapped niece—a prize the Scot seeks for reasons that have nothing to do with ransom. Engaging the Highlander in a sizzling battle of the sexes, Johanna shields her heart.

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Fantasy / Paranormal

The Ouiums Journey: Hell Broke Loose on Kindle

The Ouiums Journey: Hell Broke Loose ($0.99) by Dylan McClintock: When an ancient and powerful witch did the impossible and escaped after an eternity of being tortured in the pits of Hell… he thought his troubles were over. Soon after Esa’s return to Earth, he quickly discovered that both his magic and the world that he had left behind had changed–and not for the better. Without his innate spellcasting abilities or support from the covens, he had no choice but to forge ahead and hope for the best.



Science Fiction

Edge of the Breach (Rift Cycle Book 1) on Kindle

Edge of the Breach (Rift Cycle Book 1) ($0.99) by Halo Scot: We all become monsters at the edge of the breach. In a post-apocalyptic world where season of birth determines power — spring healers, summer mages, fall shapeshifters, and winter shields — a man and a woman emerge from tragic childhoods to lead humanity on opposite sides of an interrealm war.



Literary Fiction

Prodigal Summer on Kindle

Prodigal Summer ($2.99) by Barbara Kingsolver: Barbara Kingsolver’s fifth novel is a hymn to wildness that celebrates the prodigal spirit of human nature, and of nature itself. It weaves together three stories of human love within a larger tapestry of lives amid the mountains and farms of southern Appalachia. Over the course of one humid summer, this novel’s intriguing protagonists face disparate predicaments but find connections to one another and to the flora and fauna with which they necessarily share a place.

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Black Literature

You Always: Sam and Luca on Kindle

You Always: Sam and Luca ($0.99) by Whitney Gale: Sam was a woman who had given up on finding Mr. Right, but she found him in the most unexpected place: Luca’s arms. A man that belonged to someone else and couldn’t love her back because of it–but his touch filled Sam with warmth and hope all over again; something she hadn’t felt in years until he came into her life like an angel from heaven sent for her salvation.



General Nonfiction

South of Forgiveness: A True Story of Rape and Responsibility on Kindle

South of Forgiveness: A True Story of Rape and Responsibility ($1.99) by Thordis Elva: One ordinary spring morning in Reykjavik, Iceland, Thordis Elva kisses her son and partner goodbye before boarding a plane to do a remarkable thing: fly seven thousand miles to South Africa to confront the man who raped her when she was just sixteen. Meanwhile, in Sydney, Australia, Tom Stranger nervously embarks on an equally life-changing journey to meet Thordis, wondering whether he is worthy of this milestone.

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Young Adult

Graves for Drifters and Thieves on Kindle

Graves for Drifters and Thieves ($0.99) by Sophia Minetos: The Hespyrian West is a place for legends and lawless men. Here, Jae Oldridge works as a bounty hunter, getting by with her wits, her magic map, and not much else. At seventeen, she hunts not for money or glory, but to find her missing father-kidnapped by ghost riders three years back. When a saloon brawl brings Jae to the enigmatic Harney gang, she feigns interest in assisting them, hoping to turn them in later on.

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Thornfruit (The Gardener's Hand Book 1) on Kindle

Thornfruit (The Gardener’s Hand Book 1) (FREE) by Felicia Davin: Alizhan can’t see faces, but she can read minds. Her mysterious ability leaves her unable to touch or be touched without excruciating pain. Rescued from abandonment and raised by the wealthy and beautiful Iriyat ha-Varensi, Alizhan has grown up in isolation, using her gift to steal secrets from Iriyat’s rivals, the ruling class of Laalvur. But Iriyat keeps secrets of her own.

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