Market Your Book

Market Your Book with a Bargain Booksy Feature.

If you are planning to discount your book (or if your book is already $5 or less), the Bargain Booksy Feature is for you. The Bargain Booksy Feature is $50 and includes the following: 


Your book in front of 70,000 readers. 

Get your book in the hands of readers who read your genre voraciously.

Our readers buy multiple books per week. Once they’ve found an author they like, they’ll only want more. 

Bargain Booksy Features include placement in the Deal of the Day section on, a site with a highly engaged base of readers.

Land in thousands of inboxes. 

Our email subscribers get excited about every email we send.

Our click through rates are off the charts, so you’re sure to see a boost in sales from the minute the email hits our readers’ inboxes.

Your book will only be sent to readers who are interested in your genre.

A Feature on

Your book and author bio have a dedicated feature slot on The large cover image boosts click-through rates and purchases. Your author bio links to your website and social profiles driving traffic to your sites long after your promotion has ended.   

If your book is going to be FREE, please purchase a Freebooksy Feature. Bargain Booksy does NOT feature free books. 

Please provide us with at least 72 hours notice of your deal.  After you have made payment for the Feature you will be redirected here where you can submit your book info to us. We will send you a confirmation email within 2 business days of receiving your payment.

Not ready to make a purchase? Submit your book for editorial consideration.