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If you are planning to discount your mystery / thriller (or if your book is already priced between $0.99 and $5), the Mystery / Thriller Feature is for you. A Bargain Booksy feature can help you to drive sales of your book, find a new audience of readers, generate reviews for your book, and improve your book rank on retail sites. 

Bargain Booksy Mystery / Thriller Feature


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The Fine Print

  • Your book must be priced between $0.99 and $5 to qualify for a Bargain Booksy Feature. 
  • Please provide us with at least 72 hours notice of your deal.
  • We will send you a confirmation email within 2 business days of receiving your payment. Please note that if you are purchasing a feature over a weekend, we will contact you with a confirmation on Monday.
  • We limit authors to one feature per book per month. We know you’re anxious to promote your book as much as possible, but waiting a month in between features will give you better returns.
  • We do not accept free books on Bargain Booksy. If your book will be free, please purchase a Freebooksy Feature.

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