A Chilling Urban Fantasy for $2.99 – April 13

THE REMORTAL is a culturally diverse urban fantasy – think Highlander meets Training Day. 

Book Description: Telly is a homeless kid with not much going for him until he meets a charming and mysterious man named Van. Van reveals that he is actually an immortal, with abilities and wealth beyond Telly’s wildest dreams. Van offers Telly the chance to inherit his powers and his fortune if Telly can just do one thing: find a way to kill him.

Those who enjoy Corey Doctorow, Dean Koontz, and Interview with the Vampire will like THE REMORTAL.  

Author’s Inspiration:  I’ve always been intrigued by the concept of “mentorship gone bad”, and I also like exploring concepts of death and what may exist beyond death (if anything). I combined the two interests and came up with a story about the cruel tutelage of an immortal who isn’t too happy about the idea of eternal life, and who believes that the most important lessons are learned through pain.

This will be available for $2.99 on April 13th. 


For much of my life, I was one of those quirky folk known as a “coder”. I wrote computer code, not stories. I was fairly successful at it, and I had a lot of fun doing it. But my true passion was writing books and stories that would inspire and ignite the light of creativity in others, just as my favorite storytellers had inspired me in my youth. I’m still in the early phases of my journey as an author, but it has been quite an adventure so far.

My favorite things include Japanese food, gadgets, comics, and cats.


Readers of All Ages Can Swing Through This Exciting Adventure for only $2.99 – April 13

YOUNG EXPLORERS AND THE INCA WRAITH is a thrilling tale of adventure for young readers. It follows the journey of CJ Cask, a eleven year old, through an archeological dig near and ancient Inca ruin.  It’s Indiana Jones as a young boy! 

YOUNG EXPLORERS AND THE INCA WRAITH has elements of mystery and will captivate readers of all ages.

This fascinating novel is available on April 13 for only $2.99.  


S T Cameron loved to tell tales ever since he was a young boy. After many years, he decided that he would try his hand at writing them down for others to read. What sprung forth was Grimm End with CJ Cask as its hero. Four more Grimm End novels are planned.

Outside of writing, I have adventures with Kay, my wife and future author of her own books, my two wonderful daughters and their families including three grand-children (and one on the way) and two grand-puppies. 

3 Mysteries You’ll Read in a Day – April 12

These 3 mystery novels are so engaging and fast-paced you won’t be able to put them down. Get them today and you’ll likely have read at least one by Sunday. Karma’s Bitch is $3.99 today, Death Turns a Trick is $2.99 and A Small Fortune is $1.50. Click the book cover to get the book. 

3 Oprah Picks on Sale Today – April 12

All 3 of these literary fiction books have been given the thumbs-ip by Oprah. Ellen Foster by Kaye Gibbons is $4.95 today (save $9.00). The Crown is $1.99 for Kindle today (save $14) and I Know this Much is True by Wally Lamb is $2.99 (save $5). 

A Heavenly Romance You Don’t Want to Miss

JUST LIKE HEAVEN is a heart warming and sometimes tear jerking story, that  follows the lives of 2 young adults fresh out of high school. From different worlds, but their lives intertwine with each other and touch those around them, finding true love in each others arms. With promises hard kept and ultimately coming to grips with the difficult decision on what is truly the most important thing in life.

The author was inspired to write JUST LIKE HEAVEN through a friend who was just like Demi. Who would play Demi in the movie version? Jessica Alba, of course. 


Ever since high school had begun, Demi had faded into the background. She failed to do things which would make her stand out; wearing tight sweaters, make-up and dating boys. Instead she preferred to focus on her studies, much to her father’s delight. Even though she was now seventeen, she still had sleepovers with her best friends every other weekend. She enjoyed foreign films, sushi and had never dyed her hair. At high school, Demi had never fit in. To a guy like Arthur, a jock, she would be just another nerd. 


I’m now out of my “new adult”-hood but still enjoy young adult and new adult stories. I’ve enjoyed writing ever since I could hold a pencil and with the advent of ebooks and technology I enjoy it even more. My books are full of emotion and romance, sometimes silly, sometimes tear-jerking. I’m currently working on a new adult romance series due out later this year.

My favorite food would be Italian or Thai food. Yumm.. I enjoy spending time in the library or coffee house. I really enjoy Gilmore Girls for their wit and sense of humor, but can’t get through an episode of The Simpsons without a good laugh. 🙂


A Gritty and Thrilling Novel for less than $2

BAD WAY OUT is a novel about redemption of a moonshiner set in the Tennessee mountains. Readers who enjoyed selections such as Winter’s Bone, The Silver Linings Playbook, and True Grit, will like BAD WAY OUT. 

The author’s inspiration for BAD WAY OUT was his misspent youth, or well-spent youth, depending on how you look at it. He doesn’t really write with actors in mind, but he would  go with Ryan Gosling as E.R. Percy. 

This book will available for $1.99 on April 12.


Maiden Falls is situated at the shit end of Tennessee. It’s a hill town. More hill than town, but town nonetheless. We are cursed by the corruption of lawmakers and peacekeepers just as much as any town or hamlet or metropolis built on the trampled dirt and dreams of this fine country of ours. We’ve got high unemployment, near nonexistent economic prospects, and endless misery. The one thing we ain’t got is falls. Never did, as far as anyone can tell, and no one knows nor cares how the name came to be.


C. Hoyt Caldwell is a writer with an aggravating affinity for the South, and the people it creates. The characters in his stories are loosely based on folks that both inspired and troubled him growing up in a tiny Tennessee town.   He’s not smart enough to be subtle, so his work tends to be tasteless and gritty. He’s not out to offend anyone, but he’s also not out to win anyone over either. His stories are full of sex, violence, heart, and attempts at humor.

His favorite food is pizza. Hoyt loves to write in his cluttered office. The Avett Brothers and Punch Brothers are on a constant loop. He feel like there’s nothing better than Breaking Bad on television.


Nora Roberts or Nic Sparks fans – this Romance is for you!

PROMISE COVE is a tender story of love and redemption. It takes place on the idyllic central coast of California. The characters spring to life in this well drawn and believable tale. 

PROMISE COVE is an uplifting read that readers of Nora Roberts, Nicholas Sparks, and Debbie Macomber will enjoy. 

This novel is available for $2.99 on April 12.


Nick came awake, trembling. Sweat beaded on his body. He ran a shaky hand over his face before glancing at the clock by the bed. Three-fifteen a.m. He’d gotten less than four hours sleep. Insomnia was proving to be a bitch. Living with the dream was even worse. Every night to be taken back in time to that day, as if watching the same scene play out, burned in his brain, he had to relive it over and over again. 


I like to write about everyday people, putting them in difficult, real life situations, and have them rise to the occasion using their wits and strong will to overcome the obstacles to bring down their foe. And I especially like to give my readers a resolution and a happy ending.


4 Great Deals on Suspense Novels

These 4 suspense novels are all priced to read today.  Bones are Forever by Kathy Reichs is $2.99 today (save $24) . Whiskey Sour by J.A. Konrath is $3.99 today.  A is for Alibi by Sue Grafton and and Full House by Janet Evanovich are both $3.99 today only. Click on the book cover to get the book. Enjoy! 

Save $13 on Guests of the Ayatollah – April 11

From the bestselling author of Black Hawk Down comes this gripping account of the Iran Hostage crisis. If you’ve seen Argo, this book makes a great compliment to round out your understanding of this historic event. Guests of the Ayatollah is only $1.99 for Kindle today (that’s a savings of $13). 

2 Nonfiction Books that Will Inspire You – April 11

If you’re in need of a little inspiration we have 2 books that fit the bill. Fearless by renowned pastor Max Lucado addressed how to overcome your daily fears and is only $3.99 today (save $12). Monkey Mind by Daniel Smith is a memoir detailing the author’s struggles with anxiety. It’s $2.99 today (save $22). 

SciFi and Fantasy Bargains for April 11th

We found two fantasies and two science fiction novels on sale today!

The SciFi picks (top row) are by Stanislaw Lem, one of the most acclaimed science fiction writers of our time. Both are $2.99 on April 11th. The two fantasies we chose today (second row), DARK UNION and WIDE OPEN ($0.99 and $2.99 respectively), are for readers who love paranormal aspects mixed into their reads. 

Amazing Fantasy Series for less $1

It’s been three-thousand years since the last age of power, and all that remains are myths and legends. When power returns to the world of Godsland, no one is prepared; least of all Catrin Volker, who inadvertently fulfills the prophecy of the destroyer.

Fans of the Harry Potter Series, Chronicles of Narnia, and the Shannara Series will like THE DAWNING OF POWER trilogy.

Brian’s inspiration for the series came from his upbringing barn training racehorses. It was like living in another time, and that experience gave me a great deal of inspiration to draw from.

This epic fantasy adventure is only $0.99 on April 11th.


The snake, which Catrin now saw was an olive-green tree snake, was lured from Chase’s pouch by the stillness, its slender head and neck poked from the pouch, looking like a bean pod with eyes. Catrin held her breath as it slithered forward and coiled itself around the chair leg. Peten noticed Catrin’s sideways glances and gave her a snide look, tossing his long, blond hair over his shoulders. With his muscular build, strong jaw, and piercing blue eyes, he cast a striking figure, but his attitude and ego made him the least attractive person Catrin had ever met. She felt little pity for him as the snake continued to follow its instinct, which was to climb. Peten was oblivious to its presence and continued to look bored, casting his own glances to get the attention of Roset Gildsmith. The snake slithered up the slats on the back of his chair; it brushed against his curls, and still he remained unaware. He shifted in his seat, as if sensing the stares of Catrin, Chase, and Osbourne, and turned his head to glare at them. As he did, his eyes met those of the snake, and he shrieked. His high-pitched scream and sudden movement alarmed the snake, and it struck, biting him on his nose. Catrin knew the snake was not venomous, but Peten obviously knew nothing of the sort.


Brian Rathbone is not quite right in the head, but he tends to hide it well. When he’s not writing fantasy, he’s usually herding cats or trying to get kids in rural areas better Internet access. Most of the time, though, he’s banging on the keyboard telling stories or interacting with his fans on Twitter and Facebook.

Favorite Food: I’m a bit of a pizza nut, and I’ve been known to break for Philly cheesesteaks.


A Touching Romance for only 99c

As teenagers, Lisa Reynolds and Tony Santos moved from wariness to friendship to love before family, prejudice, and life-shattering decisions tore them apart. Now, older and wiser, both find themselves back where they started. Each has changed a lot, but the bitterness and pain of their past can never be forgotten or forgiven. A future together is impossible, and yet, their feelings for each other haven’t died.

Readers who love Barbara Freethy and Susan Wiggs’ emotional, heartwarming romances will like my book.

Joanne wanted to write a book about choices we make when young because of other people’s influences and prejudices (the hero is from a poor Mexican family), and the shattering consequences when we don’t following our own hearts. 

Lisa (Lee) Reynolds is blonde, elegant, and a newcaster—very much a young Diane Sawyer or Megan Kelly type. She most resembles a young Michelle Pfeiffer. Tony Santos is a baseball player, and while he could be played by CSI’s Adam Rodriguez, the person who most resembles him is NFL quarterback Mark Sanchez.

This heartwarming romance on Kindle will be $0.99 on April 11th.


She raised her eyes. Suddenly, the world screeched to a halt, then careened backwards in time. Standing inside the baseball field, staring straight at her, was Tony Santos. The sound of birds, the murmur of the crowd, the heat of the afternoon sun, all dimmed and disappeared. She felt cold, then warm, then a little light-headed. Tony. Of all the people she had known in Miwok, he was the one she most often thought about. The one she had stayed curious about after all these years. The one she dreaded ever facing again. He’d left Miwok years ago, just as she had–just as they’d both always said they’d do. Yet, seeing him here seemed so right, so inevitable, even if she wouldn’t admit it, she knew she had imagined he’d be here. She felt rooted to the spot, and starkly aware of the damp coldness of the sodas in her hands, the smoothness of the silk that skimmed her body, the dull roar in her ears. It was somehow appropriate that even after all these years, she should see him in a baseball cap. That was how she remembered him best. Yes, she remembered Tony.


Much like Lee Reynolds, I planned to become a journalist. I received a Master’s in Journalism from U.C. Berkeley, lived in Japan and traveled throughout Asia to earn my journalistic “creds.” When life, love, and marriage made that line of work difficult, I discovered it was much more enjoyable to write my own stories with endings that satisfied rather than being stuck writing “just the facts.” My first books were romantic suspense, and the stories quickly evolved into a long-running mystery series (the Angie Amalfi mysteries), that even hit the USA Today bestseller list. But I’ve always loved romance, both contemporary, historical and fantasy. I most enjoy a book that I can either laugh over or that will move me to tears—and that is my goal in my writing. Now, with my sons grown and my husband retired, I have time to write the books I’ve always wanted.

I write at home, surrounded by nature, with beautiful views overlooking a valley and mountains far beyond. My favorite music ranges from classical and opera to Mo-town and Creedence Clearwater Revival. I also love the Idaho Shakespeare Festival, spicy ethnic food of all types, Dr. Who, and just about every crime show on TV, particularly Castle and Person of Interest.


A Exciting Science Fiction Novel for less than $4

When Earth is discovered and subjugated by a vast alien government, Joe Dobbs is a 14-year-old kid who gets taken by aliens to serve in its alien army. Once he arrives for training, he is given a prophecy by the future-seeing Trith–Joe will be the one to shatter Congress. And the Trith cannot lie.

Sara drew her inspiration from seeing all the stories out there about humanity beating alien invaders in brave shows of pretty jets and projectile weaponry and thought, “You know, that’s not really very realistic.” So she wrote a book where humans were utterly insignificant in the face of alien numbers and technology. 

This unique science fiction is $3.99 on April 11th.


The lines into the docking bay were endless. Like cattle going down a slaughter chute, Joe thought, looking over the untold thousands of bald, frightened kids in recruit white. Libby and Scott began to pant under their burdens, sweat trickling down their strained faces. The hall grew cramped and hot from all the bodies packed together, and tempers flared. Up ahead, two girls got into a shoving match, stopping up the meager flow of traffic completely. Eventually the battlemasters broke them up and shoved them back into the stream of kids to get the lines moving again. Following the flow, Joe and his groundmates filed out into an enormous, windowed room resembling an airport terminal. Beyond the windows above him, Joe saw space and moons and… His gut clenched when he realized he was standing on his head, the planet under him. “It’s purple,” Libby whispered. “And it’s big,” Scott said. “That’s bigger than Earth, right Joe?”


Sara King (a.k.a. Evil Alaskan Overlord) is a #1 bestselling Alaskan Science Fiction/Fantasy/Romance author best known for her Outer Bounds and Legend of ZERO series. She wrote her first short story at the age of 4, got another short story published in a major magazine in 3rd grade, and finished her first novel at the age of 12. Writing has been her life for as long as she can remember, and she loves to share her wild imagination with her loveable minions–as long as they let her out of her Ominous Writing Tower for fresh air once in awhile.


One Biography and One Memoir for less than $3

Biographies and memoirs make for moving, inspirational reads. CS Lewis’ memoir Surprised by Joy, usually $13.95, is on sale for only $2.24 today. Bag of Bones is a historical tale of Thomas Byrnes, a New York City detective in the 19th century. It’s priced at $2.62 today (usually $24.95).

Which one will you be reading? Tell us in the comments!

Save $20 on Mitch Albom’s Newest Book – April 10

If you like Mitch Albom (bestselling author of Tuesdays with Morrie) or Paulo Coehlo’s Alchemist, The Time Keeper is for you. The Time Keeper is a thought-provoking fable about how time came to be. It’s only $4.99 for Kindle today (list price is $24.99). 

Six Romance Novels under $3.50 – April 10

Get your love on with these six romance novels. 

The top row contains our picks for contemporary romance lovers. The Wanderer by Robyn Carr is an “utter delight” and a must-buy at only $1.99.  Forever and a Day by Jill Shalvis is heartwarming and sexy. It’s also $3.64 today. The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks needs no introduction. If you haven’t yet read it, today’s the day to get it. Is it $3.64 today only. 

The second row of books contains our two picks for paranormal romance fans. If you haven’t picked up A Shade of Vampire, Predestined, or The Sibylline Oracle yet, today’s the day – they’re $1.99 and $0.99 respectively today!

3 Kids Books for $1.99 – April 10

We have 3 great deals on reads for your kids.

The Book of Begninnings is a fantasy novel, ala Harry Potter, for kids aged 9-12. Big Nate is a highly popular series (it’s still on the NYT bestseller list) and is appropriate for readers aged 8 and above. Wart, Son of Toad is an inspirational story for readers aged 13 -16. All are $1.99 today. 

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