How to Find Kindle Daily Deals

Finding Kindle eBook deals can be a time-consuming process for readers. Thankfully, there is a little trick to finding limited-time deals on Amazon: Kindle Daily Deals.


What are Kindle Daily Deals?

Kindle Daily Deals feature a selection of eBooks in a variety of genres that are currently discounted for a limited time. While this isn’t an exhaustive list of all the day’s discounted eBooks, it is an easy way to quickly find some great eBook deals.


How to Access Kindle Daily Deals?

The specific Kindle Daily Deals page can be a little hard to find on the Amazon homepage but we’re here to help! Just go to Amazon and make sure you are logged in with your Amazon account. Then click the ‘All’ button at the top left of the screen.

How to Find Kindle Daily Deals - Step 1

Click on ‘Books’ in the left-hand side panel.

How to Find Kindle Daily Deals - Step 2

Then click ‘Kindle Books’ while still in this left-hand side panel.

How to Find Kindle Daily Deals - Step 3

You will find yourself on a new page that is full of Kindle books, deals, and recommendations. But, we want to narrow down the search a little further, so click ‘Kindle Book Deals’ as seen below.

How to Find Kindle Daily Deals - Step 4

This next page alone is a fantastic resource to find Kindle Deals but there is still a lot of content to sort through. The last step is to click on “Kindle Daily Deals’ to the left of the page.

How to Find Kindle Daily Deals - Step 5

You are now of the Kindle Daily Deals page and this is where you can see all the limited-time discounted Kindle books for today. Enjoy!

How to Find Kindle Daily Deals - Step 6

How do I Find My Favorite Genre?

While going to the general page for all genres might be perfect for some readers, we know you’re likely looking for a specific genre. Simply scroll down on this page and you’ll find a section that says ‘Today’s Deals’ and below this will be a list of all the main genres on Amazon.

How to Find Kindle Daily Deals - Step 7

You can then filter by sub-genre once you click into the primary genre for even more options!


Looking for More Kindle eBook Deals?

Now that you’ve found Kindle Daily Deals, you’re probably wondering how you can find even more discounted Kindle Books. The good news is that there is essentially an endless amount of bargain books to find on Amazon. However, it tends to be a time-consuming process to endlessly search. That’s where Bargain Booksy comes in! We’ll send you a daily email with all the best daily eBook deals under $4.99 in your favorite genres. Sign up for this FREE email newsletter today!



  1. Love getting e-books for my kindle. Varied interest categories are always offered.
    Can these books be shared with family who no longer live in the same household? I gifted a kindle to several family members a few years ago as a Christmas present.

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